About Us

Company Profile

Our team of highly experienced and certified Filipino NetSuite experts is capable of adapting to any customer’s need. With over six years of professional experience in delivering custom NetSuite solutions to clients from Europe, Asia, and North America, we continuously leverage our industry expertise, technical know-how, and our own time-proven strategies in our pursuit of global excellence in the field of NetSuite Development and Administration.

With the years we have spent learning the ins and outs of the system, and familiarizing ourselves with the data structure and architecture, we are absolutely confident that our product and professional solutions hold the power to transform businesses and help our clients achieve the results they are looking for. And as we envision ourselves as a leader in Oracle NetSuite Development, we continuously find ways to expand our knowledge and sharpen our skills so that our clients may continue to receive the best from us.

Mission and Values

LEACC Consultancy aims to assist its clients and partners in finding the right solutions that would help them utilize their NetSuite implementation to its fullest potential. It is our mission to go the extra mile by providing our expertise and professional input in handling Oracle NetSuite projects. By partnering with us, clients can expect our adaptability and flexibility in handling their demands in the height of this rapidly changing technological landscape. Our mastery of NetSuite systems will not only ensure our complete understanding of client needs and preferences, but it will also guarantee the delivery of NetSuite solutions for businesses who are looking for answers that will enable them to manage their key business processes all in one go.

More importantly, working with us offers clients a cost and time-efficient way to ensure that their Netsuite development and administration requirements are handled by certified experts. We want to be able to add value to our clients’ businesses by releasing them from taking on complex technical setups and expensive costs related to hardware and software purchases, licensing, and maintenance fees. Through our mastery of the NetSuite platform, we aim to help our clients lower their environmental impact and operating costs while increasing their performance and competitive advantage.

Furthermore, it is also our vision to showcase Filipino talent and potential in the field of NetSuite Development. Filipinos belong to a breed of hardworking, resilient, and adaptable people. It gives us the pride to be in a company fueled by Filipino passion.

We believe our race brings so much value to global industries and we want our clients all over the world to know what we can offer as individuals and as a community of creative and highly skilled members of the workforce. We hope to provide more opportunities to Filipinos who are willing to learn about this industry and those who have become experts in the field. As the world quickly shifts to digital and cloud-based services, and more companies turning to NetSuite for their Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management needs, we want LEACC Consultancy to be at the forefront of change as a source of expert individuals ready to take on the challenges presented by industries new to the benefits of cloud-based software.

NetSuite may just be the tool that can help them improve their business processes and it is our goal to steer them towards the right path in achieving their respective company visions.

Our Core Values

LEACC Consultancy works hard to achieve its key results and objectives by staying true to its core values. We cannot deliver customer satisfaction, become a successful provider of NetSuite and other cloud-based services, and be seen by our clients as a trusted partner if we cannot live out the following values that our company stands for.


LEACC Consultancy consistently works hard to achieve the right results. We are motivated by our desire to become leaders in the industry, and we make sure that each member of our team possesses the mindset of a leader. Taking the lead requires good insight and a strong sense of sensitivity to what others need. It also means knowing when to take risks and when to take certain steps to mitigate those risks. Our job description as Oracle NetSuite developers and administrators require us to take initiative and know when to take the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the best from our company. It also means taking enough responsibility to free our clients from unnecessary burdens posed by high operational costs, lack of cloud technology know-how, and other inefficiencies.


Excellence is measured not by the length of time a task is performed, but by how it was performed. With that in mind, we believe in the importance of quality work and professionalism in our bid for excellence. And because we take so much pride in our race and heritage, we aim to perform and deliver our work in the hopes of consistently surpassing client expectations. We showcase our skills and talents with the goal of raising our flag and showing the world what Filipino workmanship is about. Beyond that, to excel in our jobs means the fulfillment of our mission to help our clients improve their businesses through our expertise in NetSuite implementation.


We live in a rapidly changing world where different technologies are reshaping the way businesses do things. As NetSuite certified experts, we have to be able to adapt to the demands of various clients, and the technical limitations, and challenges that we may encounter as we go about our responsibilities as a service provider. Adaptability is an important trait to have for anyone who wishes to continue moving forward, whether in business or personal affairs. It is necessary for good performance in the workplace as it allows us to stay resilient amid difficulties and unexpected situations. We know our clients can rest easy knowing that we can adapt and thrive in any challenging situation.


No two clients are the same. With that in mind, it is a must for us to always create unique solutions that businesses can benefit from the most. We do not just provide paid services, we create impactful solutions that may play a crucial role in a company’s overall business performance. As we partner and work with our clients, we also create professional relationships with them which we hope will be long-lasting partnerships. More importantly, through our years of mastering what we do, we have become expert creators of custom Oracle Netsuite Solutions. We believe this profession still requires a certain level of resourcefulness and creativity, especially as we cater to various industries and clients.


Commitment is something that we take seriously. When we enter a business relationship with a client, we know just how important it is for them to have their expectations met. Therefore, we must also make a commitment to ourselves to always display enough grit and perseverance in dealing with projects. As we commit to serving our clients, we give them our word to do everything in our power to fulfill our professional obligations. We have built this company on the premise of dedicating ourselves to filling the shortage of NetSuite professionals in the market, and we have no plans of failing ourselves and the people who depend on us.

About the Founder

LEACC Founder

Lea Celosa Columna is a NetSuite enthusiast with eight professional years in technology and customer support. She is the lead NetSuite developer and founder of LEACC Consultancy.  She goes by the names Lea CC in the Slack Community and leacelosacolumna in the NetSuite User Group.

Currently, she holds four NetSuite certifications: SuiteFoundation, SuiteCloud Developer, Certified Administrator, and Certified Financial User.

Her journey dates back to August of 2012. Ever since she joined Oracle NetSuite as a technical support specialist, she was able to take on different roles and responsibilities led to her being a NetSuite Senior Consultant specializing in optimizing SuiteCloud Customization. By 2018, she decided to take that leap of faith and become an Independent NetSuite Consultant.

Today, she leads a team of NetSuite professionals who share her goal – to help executive leaders succeed in their NetSuite venture, be it as a partner or an end user.

Other than that, Lea Celosa Columna is not all work and no play. She highlights her passion for writing – and sushi! She is a loving mother and wife who ensures that she spend time with her three-year-old kid after a day of work.

Lea Celosa Columna
Founder and Lead NetSuite Developer